Protect Patrons with Antimicrobial Powder Coating for Patio Furniture

Tuesday, December 15 2020 3:08 PM
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We talk a lot about the technology behind powder coating but did you know that there are coating additives that provide antimicrobial protection? This technology developed for medical applications is something that could help bar and restaurant owners protect their patio-loving patrons in light of COVID-19, and other more typical seasonal bugs.

Many people are starting to get back out there. They are excited to visit their favorite spots again but that doesn’t mean that they won’t question how safe it is to go enjoy a meal and drink on a patio this summer.

It is absolutely a top priority for you to protect the people coming back to your establishment. In addition to following social distancing protocol and being diligent about disinfection, you can further protect your customers by having VitraGUARD proprietary powder coatings applied to your patio furniture. The safety factor is obviously number one but you will also reap benefits like increased durability and a long-lasting finish on your patio furniture.

Let’s learn a little more about antimicrobial powder coating!


How Does Antimicrobial Powder Coating Work?

These proprietary powder coatings are treated with antimicrobial silver ions to help protect the surface against unwanted bacteria growth and harmful microbes.

Silver has been known to have antimicrobial properties for hundreds of years. It is a bit of a mystery why exactly silver is so effective at killing harmful organisms but a recent study conducted by the University of Arkansas found that silver ions were causing paired strands of DNA in harmful bacteria to separate and for bindings between DNA and protein to weaken.

The unknown part of the study is exactly why silver is able to achieve this but one thing we do know is that it can decrease the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria on surfaces.


Benefits of Choosing Antimicrobial Powder Coating for Your Establishment’s Interior or Exterior Furniture

Antimicrobial treated powder coatings have seen widespread use to help prevent the spread of microbes in many industries. Think lockers and playground equipment at schools, handles and seats on buses and subways, medical equipment and railing in medical facilities, and more.

The companies that create the items above understand the benefits of these treated coatings for their sector but let’s see how it can directly benefit your restaurant or bar this season.

  • The antimicrobial additive can be added to virtually any powder coating.
  • Harmful microbes cannot live on coated surfaces helping prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.
  • Coatings maintain a durable, long lasting finish.
  • Stands up against harsh weather conditions and extend your furniture’s life.
  • Color retention is maintained over time and is highly resistant to UV light.
  • Available in a full range of colors, textures, and glosses to fit decor and overall aesthetic of your restaurant or business space.
  • Coating powders and processes are more environmentally-friendly and sustainable than other methods that do not provide antimicrobial benefits.


Other Places Restaurant and Bar Owners can Use Antimicrobial Powder Coating

In addition to using antimicrobial powder coating on your outdoor patio furniture, you can also have other high-touch areas in your restaurant powder coated to protect patrons and employees. Fixtures, furniture and equipment offer opportunities to not only protect guests, but also coordinate interior and exterior spaces to meet the design of your brand.  These areas include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Door knobs and door handles
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Railing
  • Benches

The bottom line here is that you want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of everyone who enters your restaurant. People are ready to get back out but they are also concerned about their safety.

They want to enjoy a meal on a beautiful summer night with their friends and family but many are apprehensive about getting back out. What you can do is provide peace of mind by making your establishment as safe as possible for everyone who walks through the door.

Our team of experts at PowderTech can help answer any questions you may have about powder coating your bar or restaurant’s patio furniture with antimicrobial finishes. Contact us today at (316) 832-9210 or request a quote.

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