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Camouflage Chemical Agent Resistant Coating Systems

PowderTech is committed to providing superior knowledge and expertise of powder-based systems meeting MIL-DTL-53072 and MIL-PRF-32348 U.S. military paint specifications. Camouflage Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Systems must be easily decontaminated after exposure to chemical and biological warfare agents.

CARC coatings for military applications are an integral piece of finishing equipment and materials when fulfilling military contracts. While CARC paint for mil-spec has been the standard for years, using CARC powder coating will give your products a leg up on the competition for providing military equipment. 

CARC applications include:

  • Armored Command and Control
  • Direct Fire
  • Fire Support
  • Armored Reconnaissance
  • Armour Troop Carrier
  • Combat Engineering
  • Support
  • Light Utility
  • Unmanned Multimission
  • Forklifts
  • Skid Steers
  • Loader / Backhoe
  • Water Purification Systems

PowderTech Complete System Benefits

Approved CARC military-specified powder coating protects vehicles from absorbing chemical warfare agents so they can be more easily decontaminated. This is essential for vehicles in the field that do not have access to sophisticated decontamination procedures. CARC powder-coated surfaces offer numerous benefits for the U.S. military:

  • Ease of decontaminating chemical and biological agents
  • Highly resistant to decontaminating solvents
  • Ultra low gloss surfaces with highly UV durable topcoats
  • Meet or exceed specified IR detection limits
  • Almost no VOCs reduces hazardous air pollutants contribute to green initiatives and hazardous waste limits
  • Highly corrosion-resistant coatings are also extremely durable reducing total maintenance costs

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Camouflage System


Preparation, MIL-DTL-53072










Other substrates available

Coating, MIL-DTL-53072

Powder Coating MIL-PRF-32348

Type I

Base Primer

Must pair with Type III for exterior

Type II

Colored Interior Primer

Type III

Colored Top Coat

Must use Type I primer for all applications

Type IV

Why You Should Work with PowderTech

When it comes to partnering with another business to fulfill military contracts, you must be careful to work with the correct people. At PowderTech, we employ only professional and expert powder coating specialists. Our team will go above and beyond your expectations and deliver your product with the highest quality military specification powder coating that you can find.

In addition to our expert team, we have a top-of-the-line powder coating facility designed to handle your order no matter the size. We have the support equipment to handle batch orders or single components. With the combination of our excellent team and next-generation facilities, you won’t find a better company to partner with for your military powder coating needs.

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