Powder Coating Services & Process

When you need the highest quality powder coating, with a fast turnaround, PowderTech has got you covered.

Our tried-and-true, eco-friendly process is the secret to powder coatings that stay stronger, longer.


Our new automated six stage pretreatment system is the best available, capable of removing even laser scale. Or, your project may call for a manual wash. We use environmentally safe chemical pretreatment solutions.

The extra effort we take at this step is well worth it. You get better coating adhesion, performance and corrosion protection.


Once the parts are clean, it’s time for coating. The powder particles are electrostatically charged onto the part surface for even, durable coverage.


The coated parts head into an oven. They are heated to a designated temperature to turn the powder into a gel, and then to a complete cure. We have a variety of standard and custom ovens to accommodate your project.

Automated Line or Batch System

We use either our automated line or batch system for your project, depending on your requirements and part sizes. Both deliver a superior finished product.

Automated Line

  • Allows for a high quantity/high mix focus with a consumer quality finish
  • Capable of handling parts up to 600 lbs. and a maximum size of 120"L x 42"W x 84"H
  • High-tech automated pretreatment including laser scale removal
  • 18 automatic coating guns for a consistent coating

Batch System

PowderTech's batch system is designed to handle very large or heavy parts, small quantities of parts, and extreme high quality requirements.

These parts are generally larger and more complex than the parts that run on the automated line. These can range from custom car and motorcycle frames to delicate aircraft instrument consoles requiring masking and special attention to unique requirements and detail.

Value Adds

As your powder coating partner, we do all we can to make your life easier. Here’s how we can create additional value and convenience for you:

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