Top-Notch Powder Coating for Your Rims

Looking for something which will really make your vehicle stand out on the road? Powder coating your rims could be the answer to a sharp new look, guaranteed to turn heads. When it comes to your vehicle, the devil really is in the details. 

With the thousands of powder coat colors, you can totally transform the way that your vehicle looks. It can also protect your rims and accessories for longer and add a subtle extra dimension of customization. 

What Are the Basics to Powder Coating Wheels?

Powder coating a set of wheels is a way to completely refurbish your alloys and give them a whole new look that can either coordinate or contrast with the other finishes on your vehicle. These decorative, fine, powder finishes are applied electrostatically to the wheel and then placed in an oven between 350 and 400 degrees to cure and form a hard, durable finish. 

What is the Powder Coating Process for Rims?

This is a specialized process that can really enhance the look of your car, and it involves several steps to achieve a quality finish. The team at PowderTech are professionals at the application of powder coating rims with steps in media blasting, masking, and other pre-treatment processes that bring you better adhesion and durability.

First, aside from the tires and valve stems being removed before being dropped off, wheels are completely stripped of any pre-existing finish with media blasting, which also removes particles of dirt and road grime embedded in the surfaces. Once stripped, they are industrially heated to allow for any trapped gasses to bake out that could cause problems in the final coating process- also referred to as outgassing. Once they have cooled, the back pad is masked and then the bare metal is cleaned once again to ensure a completely clean surface.

The chosen color of powder is then applied electrostatically with a spray gun. The alloy then goes back into the heat source to cure the powder pigment for the powder manufacturers required amount of time. Once the powder coating has cured and cooled, it can be handled right away making it easy to pick your wheels up and have the tires remounted as soon as needed. 

How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat Wheels?

If you are considering powder coating your wheels, you’re probably wondering what the cost entails. It depends on the diameter and type of wheel you want to be treated, but on average the process is approximately $125 per wheel. For each set of rims, a personalized quote is provided so there are no surprises with the cost.

Why Have Your Rims Powder Coated?

Your car, truck, or motorcycle can be an extension of your personality, and powder coated rims are a detail that helps reflect it. 

Aside from adding aesthetic detail, it also provides a more durable finish than bare alloys or automotive paint. Powder coating can help reduce impact damage from rock chips, scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear to the wheels that might happen quicker than if they weren’t coated. 

It is possible to achieve a whole host of custom colors and finishes to your alloy wheels. Some of these finishes include gloss, matte, textured, vein, and metallic/non-metallic colors. A quick look at places such as, Pinterest, or Google for powder coated rims will show all the imaginative options that drivers have come up with to add a little extra flair to their vehicles. 

As such, we are all aware of the need to be a little kinder to the planet these days. Powder coating your wheels offers an eco-friendly alternative as the process contains fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) than the harmful chemicals released by most traditional paint finishes.

Stronger, better, kinder to the planet, and a complete custom look - powder coated wheels are a great option to make your vehicle truly stand out with added durability. 

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