Case Studies

Our corporate and individual mission is to provide excellent service and quality to industrial and commercial companies. PowderTech looks to find solutions for your industrial coating requirements, whether they’re standard or special.

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The Exploration Place sign is a great example of using powder coating to lock in vibrant colors and withstand the elements for a long time.



Exploration Place was looking for a vibrant solution that would stand up to the extreme weather conditions experienced in Kansas.  The primary concerns were to ensure the signage looked new and kept the colors bold for years to come.


PowderTech identified that long term protection from corrosion and UV stable coatings would best meet their expectations.

RAL colors were used to match the architect's design.  A  combination of super durable powders were used followed by an automotive high gloss clear to finish the product and provide the long term UV stable colors you see today.

Metal parts in a virtually any shape you can image are eligible for powder coating. If it can hold a charge and withstand the heat, PowderTech can coat it.



A local OEM was experiencing adhesion failures on steel parts cut using oxygen lasers.  Often times discovered due to an impact during the assembly process causing excessive rework costs.


PowderTech determined that our automatic 6 stage wash would be capable of removing any scales or oxides formed during the laser cutting process.  Our automated capabilities allow for consistent and repeatable scale removal, while helping reduce the costs associated with both manual abrasive alternatives, and costs associated with poor quality.

This rusted railing is an example of what happens when you opt for paint over powder coating. With some quick media blasting beforehand, powder coating could keep this railing viable for up to 20 more years.



A local home owner had ornate custom deck railings designed and fabricated. After only 2 months of installation, rust began showing through the original wet paint coating.  After discussing their desires, PowderTech identified 2 key elements for this discerning homeowner.  The custom ornate railings needed to have a beautiful finish and they needed to be durable enough to withstand Kansas's myriad of weather conditions including the biting cold, harsh ultraviolet rays, summer heat and unpredictable wet conditions.


PowderTech recommended abrasive blasting to:

  • Remove all previous coatings
  • Eliminate any scales or oxides formed in the milling and fabrication processes
  • Provide a rough surface for enhanced mechanical adhesion of powder

Once all work had been completed to prepare the railings for coating again, PowderTech applied our AAMA 2604 compliant two coat system to allow for years of worry and rust free performance.

  • Zirconium pretreat conversion coating
  • Epoxy powder primer
  • AAMA 2604 powder top coat

This combination of abrasive preparation, chemical pretreatment, and specialized powder formulations allow for both beautiful and long lasting coatings.

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We’ll work with you to find the best powder coating for your project. Request a quote or call us at 316.832.9210 today.