Terms & Conditions


PREPARATION FOR POWDER COATING – It is critical that all items are disassembled prior to arrival at PowderTech. PowderTech does not disassemble and/or reassemble customer parts for coating.  To prevent premature failure, it is critical that scales and oxides are removed prior to coating.

UNKNOWN CONDITIONS – Quoted prices cover only PowderTech’s standard chemical pretreatment process unless otherwise noted. Excessively soiled parts may require additional treatment to prepare the parts for processing and will result in additional expense. Hand sanding, washing multiple times, and applying more than one coat will result in additional cost. PowderTech is not responsible for defects caused from parts that hold water which can boil out during the cure process. PowderTech is not responsible for defects caused from hidden oils, greases, adhesives, or other substances which can flow from recesses, holes, overlaps, pockets, etc. during the cure process. Castings and similar parts have a tendency to outgas during the cure process. PowderTech assumes no responsibility for bubbles due to outgassing caused by substrate characteristics.  Metal shavings can cause catastrophic damage to our pre-treatment equipment.  Parts containg metal shavings may be rejected upon delivery, or be subjected to additional fees for pre-cleaining.

PowderTech assumes no responsibility for the condition of material delivered or any condition which may be uncovered during processing including but not limited to nicks, cracks, pits, broken welds, broken joints, holes, or rust.

PRICING AND QUOTATIONS – All PowderTech quoted prices are subject to change without notice. Prices cannot be confirmed until parts have been delivered to PowderTech and processed.

MINIMUM CHARGE – PowderTech has a $250 minimum charge per color on custom orders. It is recommended that you group pieces of the same color together in order to avoid additional setup charges.

LEAD TIME – PowderTech has a 7 day standard lead time for items receiving regular processing on our automated line with house colors. Items requiring additional preparation such as media blasting or items which will be processed through our custom shop have a 10 day standard lead time with house colors. Lead time for special order colors will begin upon arrival of powder. Unknown part conditions may alter lead time. Posted lead times are only guidelines and are not a guarantee of completion within that timeframe.  Items received after 12:00pm will be processed the next business day.

RUSH ORDERS – PowderTech does offer expedited services for an additional charge when scheduling allows.

RETURNS AND REPAIRS – All items shall be inspected upon pickup or delivery. Any damage should be noted on the packing slip report or delivery receipt. In order to be valid, claims must be received in writing by PowderTech within 30 calendar days of pickup or delivery. Purchasers must contact PowderTech and complete the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request form to process a claim and to receive a RMA number. No returns will be processed without the RMA number. All incoming packaging and paperwork must reference the RMA number.

WAREHOUSING AND STORAGE - Items will be stored at no charge for a maximum of 15 business days from the date of project completion and notification. Beginning the 16th business day, a fee equal to 1% of the original order total will be charged per business day.

WARRANTY AND LIABILITY – PowderTech offers a 12 month limited warranty on new items covering cracking, peeling, and extreme fading of powder coated surfaces. This warranty shall apply to the repair or replacement of coatings only (at PowderTech’s discretion) for the original materials involved. The warranty period will begin at the date of invoice. At no time will PowderTech’s liability exceed the cost of the original services being provided on the parts in question nor shall PowderTech be responsible for reimbursement of consequential expenses such as installation, removal, equipment, or transportation costs. PowderTech reserves the right to inspect all parts and use our choice of agents to determine cause of failure if necessary.

The following items will not be covered under warranty:

Defects caused by any of the conditions mentioned above. Items powder coated in which recommended surface preparation was declined. Items powder coated in which a recommended powder chemistry was declined. Damage to powder coating finish caused from part design or manufacturing flaws. Scratches, gouges, or any other mechanical abuse caused by transportation, installation, or rough handling. Thin mil thickness on sharp edges causing rust (all sharp edges should be rounded). Contact with salt water, chlorine, fertilizers, pesticides, sprinkler systems, industrial chemicals, fuel, tree sap, contact with vegetation, alteration, or acts of God. Items which have written documentation stating no warranty exists as part of the service agreement.

The above constitutes the complete warranty of PowderTech LLC. No other agreement written or implied is valid.