Over recent years, the powder coating industry has experienced huge advances from technology. New processes and coating formulas have allowed us to offer more color and texture options than ever before!

Not only can powder coating be used to improve aesthetics and increase the lifespan of everyday consumer products such as outdoor furniture or light fixtures, but it can also be used in industries such as construction, farming, manufacturing, and even the military to coat equipment. 

The powder coating process starts with the preparation of the surface, which involves a thorough cleaning process to prepare for the application of the coating. 

The cleaning begins by removing any surface contaminants and preparing the surface for maximum adhesion between the material and the coating. This has to be done efficiently and thoroughly as any issues with coatings are usually because of improper preparation, rather than the coating itself. 

Next, the powder coating material will either be sprayed onto a prepared surface, or the surface will be dipped into a fluid that contains particles of suspended powder. Either way, the particles bind to the item using either electricity or heat.

Now, when it comes to texture and color, there is no right or wrong combination. It all depends on what the object being coated will be used for and what you want it to look like. 


Color is pretty much limitless these days and range from matte to high gloss. Smooth, high gloss coatings can offer a high-end aesthetic creating an illusion of depth or wet looks. You will see a lot of high gloss coatings for finishes in places like department stores. 

Matte finishes, on the other hand, can hide surface defects or imperfections such as nicks and scratches.

Non-standard colors and metallics will cost more than standard options, but make sense for different applications.


Powder coating can give an antique or distressed with a black base with metallic pigments of gold, silver or copper contrasting against the black. Multi-color looks are popular in the furniture and display industries that demand a broad range of multi-color looks including granite, confetti, appearances. You will also find multi-color finishes on playground equipment.


Clear powders are often used as a protective layer on many products such as doorknobs, hinges, railings, lamps, and plumbing fixtures. There are also powders available that substitute chrome and brass platings at a fraction of the cost. 


As chrome plating becomes more regulated and expensive, the powder coating industry has developed an alternative option to replicate the sleek chrome. As you can probably guess, this is very popular in the automotive industry.


Powder coated finishes can now offer an icy or fluorescent appearance or pearl-like appearance that may appear to change color depending on the angle of observation. You will often see things like bicycles, wheel rims, garden tools, light fixtures, and some glass products with this finish.


Metallic coatings, using particles of aluminum, mica, copper, or brass, can reproduce the appearance of metal that has been untarnished. Metallic bonding can physically bond metal flakes to the base coat. This, like all powder coatings on our list, is used to increase the durability of equipment or products that are subject to being used in a harsh environment.  

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Textured coating is often used to hide imperfections, give a unique look, and/or provide a no-slip surface. Texture options can include but are not limited to: 

  • Wrinkles
  • Wood and Marble Effects
  • Dye Sublimation (not all shops provide this option)
  • Pebbled


Now that you know some of your options when it comes to powder coating color selection and texture, let’s talk a little more about the benefits of powder coating.

Aside from being able to add eye-catching colors and textures to products and equipment, powder coating is also able to combat corrosion. 

As you are probably aware, corrosion is the deterioration of the metal. It occurs when the atoms on the metal surface are oxidized, damaging the entire surface. 

With powder coating, you create a protective surface that ensures the metal isn’t coming into direct contact with other metals or the surrounding environment. 

As we briefly mentioned earlier, powder coating is also much safer for the environment. It emits negligible amounts of VOCs, the coating prevents heavy metals from going into the soil or water sources, and reduces unnecessary waste from going into the landfills. 

Although having a virtually unlimited amount of color and texture combinations available with powder coating is a huge perk, the other benefits are also important to consider when making your investment

Let our team of powder coating experts help you determine the best solution for your product or equipment to ensure it looks great and lasts as long as possible. Contact us today at (316) 832-9210 or request a quote.